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Spectre to ABDR

On 1 May 2018 warning systems on B-1B 86-0109 "Spectre" indicated fire in three different systems. After all but one fire warning was extinguished following emergency checklists, the aircraft commander commanded a controlled manual ejection from the aircraft. The first aircrew member's seat did not fire and the aircraft commander ordered a stop to the ejection sequence. It was found later than a cable was "crimped" and the signal from the ejection handle did not get to the ejection sequencer on the seat.

The aircraft landed at Midland, missing an ejection hatch. Each crew member was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for their actions saving life and aircraft. The aircraft was ferried to Tinker AFB, OK on 26 October 2018, missing one engine. Sadly, this aircraft has not been flown again and we understand it has been or will soon be divested from the aircraft rolls and used as an air battle damage repair trainer. We will follow up for better information as we can get it.

Photo credit to our friend Greg L. Davis, previously of the 72d ABW Public Affairs.

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