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B-1s Return to Flight

On April 20, 2021 all Rockwell B-1B Lancer bombers were ordered grounded after holes and cracks were found in the augmenter fuel filter housing, which were first discovered in an April 8th ground incident at Ellsworth AFB, SD. The augmenter is required to get the Bone up to speed and get off the ground.

We believe this flight of 85-0085 at Tinker AFB, OK is the first flight of the B-1s since the grounding, which was a very short flight and lacked a long-running augmenter burn (afterburner, reheat, or whatever you want to call it.) Normally, we see the burner running a long time after departure, but they were shut off shortly after rotating. While capturing the landing approaches, we did hear the augmenters running a short time on each touch-and-go.

Side note, hearing the wingtip vortex sound coming to the ground is amazing and spooky sounding. We wish we had the GoPro running long enough to capture the sound, but we will try to remember next time.

*Edit: We have information that 85-0095 may have flown earlier in the week.

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